Apple TV 4K FAQ

A quick FAQ for everything you need to know about the anticipated Apple TV 4K.

Tech site iMore released a very helpful FAQ for all your must need, gotta know questions about the newly announced 5th generation Apple TV: The Apple TV 4K.

Here are some of the more important answers to the FAQs

When can I order it and when can I get my hands on it?

  • Apple TV 4K goes on pre-sale September 15 and ships on September 22.

What’s it going to cost?

  • 32GB Apple TV 4K: $179 ($229 CAN)
  • 64GB Apple TV 4K: $199 ($249 CAN)
  • 32GB Apple TV: $149 ($199 CAN)
    • Note: They have discontinued the 64GB Apple TV 4 (It is still available as a refurbished device)

What are the specs?

  • Apple TV 4K touts the same A10X chip that’s in the iPad Pro. That means you’re going to get two times the CPU power and four times the GPU power of the current Apple TV.

What about tvOS?

  • tvOS 11 is set for a huge redesign it will make use of the 4K HDR capabilities of your TV.

Nice … but what about content? I don’t see a reason to buy it if I can’t watch 4K content on it.

  • You’ll be able to! Apple is working with major studios, including Universal and Lionsgate, to bring 4K content to iTunes. 4K movies and shows will be priced the same as HD content and get this: Any HD content you’ve got in your iTunes library will be automatically upgraded to 4K! Netflix and Amazon Prime video will also be releasing 4K content soon.
    • Note: The Apple TV 4K will work with a non 4K TV however you will not benefit from the “4K Boost”

What about the Apple TV app?

  • Apple is bringing its TV app to Canada and Australia later this month, and the app will hit France, Germany, Norway, Sweden and the UK later this year.

Will it be jailbroken? Can I add Kodi to it?

  • Nothing has been announced. But as soon as ANY news breaks we will report it.

Source: iMore