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Amazon Prime Video on Apple TV 4K: Potential November Release?

The rumoured release date for Amazon’s Prime Video appears to be delayed

October 26, was the approximate release date for the Amazon Prime Video app. Although Amazon has confirmed the app was under development and coming “This year”. A Reddit rumour gave it a move precise date (October 26th at the earliest). Apple TV users would welcome the Amazon Prime Video app with open arms due to their massive 4K library when compared to Netflix and Hulu.

Apple TV users will have to patiently wait a more solid release date but stay tuned we will keep you posted.

The Amazon Prime Video app question has been added to our FAQ.

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Top 15 TVOS Games for Apple TV 4K

The Best TVOS Games for Apple TV 4K

A list of the best TVOS games out there was compiled by the Apple Insider. The list is headlined but great games such as Rayman Adventures and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Apple May Offer Premium Bundle With HBO, Showtime, Starz

A premium bundle without the requirement of a basic cable package will make cutting cable that much easier.

According to reports, Apple is currently working towards offering consumers a “premium bundle” consisting of HBO, Showtime, and Starz. This would be huge since traditionally cable providers require you to have a basic bundle before the possibility of bundling.

As it stands, Apple sells HBO, Showtime and Starz at $15, $11 and $9 per month respectively and they are all accessible via App Store. As Apple is currently in the early stages of the process. But one can expect a “premium bundle discount” that will reduce the current price of 35$ a month down. (if paying for each channel individually)

Source: Recode

Happy Holidays from Apple TV 4 Jailbreak

Seasons Greetings and may your holidays be merry and bright!

Wishing you every happiness this holiday season and throughout the coming year to you and your loved ones.


How to Stop Kodi Removal After Apple TV 4 Updates

How to Fix The “Kodi Is No Longer Available” Error Message

Many users have noticed their Kodi and other non-Apple App Store installed (side loaded) applications has been removed from their devices following an update. When clicking on Kodi they get the “Kodi is no longer available” error message. The reason is simple, Apple restores all devices to a “factory like” state after all updates. Which means if your device has a “non approved” or “sideloaded” apps like Kodi they will be removed. So if reloading your apps constantly is something you enjoy then for you this article ends here. But for the rest of us, stopping automatic updates will stop Kodi’s removal on your ATV4.

Disabling Automatic Updates

  • On your Apple TV 4
  • Go to Settings then System
  • Under Maintenance click on Software Updates
  • Switch Automatically Update off.

Siri Remote

Caring for Your Siri Remote (ATV4 Remote Guide)

“They don’t build them like they used to”

With newer technology comes all sorts of newer lighter materials. Take the new Apple TV Siri Remote. You can talk to it, you can use the touch interface at the top of the remote but unfortunately it’s fragile. The main surface is made of glass, combined with the slick metal back cover and the high price for replacement, creates the perfect situation for some very expensive mistakes. Compared to the virtually indestructible 2nd and 3rd generation metal remotes, the 4th generation Apple TV remotes simply aren’t as durable. Even the plastic 1st generation remotes have a bit of a leg up. Based on feedback you could carpet your house or wrap your hand in bubble wrap while using the remote but an easier more logical solution a resistant silicone case. Reminds us of the issues that Nintendo had with the Wii and all those broken TV screens…Good times…

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Best Apple TV 4 Apps (Not Named Kodi)

As you probably already know Kodi isn’t the only app you can use on the forth generation Apple TV.

Knowyourmobile has compiled some of the best ATV4/TVOS apps for the market. Even one of my personal favorites made the list. The ever timeless Sonic CD!

Source: Knowyourmobile

MrMC – Kodi Fork Now Available on tvOS App Store for Apple TV 4

MrMC brings Kodi to the Apple TV 4

MrMC the Kodi fork for TVos is here! This is a basic and simple version of Kodi/XBMC for tvOS or the Apple TV 4. As of my testing there is no direct way to add popular add-ons like Genesis, Phoenix or SportsDevil but this is the first release *fingers crossed*. The program isn’t free it’s $5.99 USD ($6.99 CAD) and can be downloaded right from the TVos App Store. Despite the limitations I still suggest you download it. MrMC no doubt put time and effort into creating this version of Kodi we should all encourage and applaud this type of development. As it could be a gateway for a full blown version of Kodi being installed on the ATV4 with or without a jailbreak.

Check out the video!

Check out MrMC’s site here.

Source: MrMC Forums



Kodi on ATV4? A TVOS Port in the Works

Kodi on ATV4? Yes it’s coming soon and now closer than ever!

MrMC a senior Kodi member is currently working on a version for Kodi on ATV4. This port would be fully compatible with the new TVOS operating system. In the effort to become fully compatible with TVOS and meet Apple criteria some Kodi features will be lost.
Note: A list of lost features was not mentioned or provided.

“MrMC is a fork/rebrand/refactor of Kodi. All offending sins have been purged from the codebase. So some features of Kodi might not be present. This lets us get into the App Store, not only for TVOS but iOS and OSX as well. Our timeline is a few weeks, basics are up and stable. Just some minor issues to resolve.

Kodi itself would never get approved. Not for TVOS nor iOS or OSX. Too many sins. So even when Kodi gets ported to TVOS, the only ways to get on the physical device are;

a) self compile, install via xcode
b) ipa resign/repack install via xcode
c) ipwnstore or similar.

Eventually, you will be able to run Kodi on the new AppleTV. But the port is not trivial and MrMC fork has a month head start and I’m an expert at porting the code base (did the original ATV1, ATV2, iOS, and Android ports) and dealing with issues. Others known me as ‘davilla’.

As soon as we enter the App Store, then all our private work becomes public and Kodi devs can start cherry-picking. Or they can start on their own version now, their choice.

We don’t see Kodi as competition to MrMC fork. We are aiming at the 80 percent users that just want to play their local content without having to do flips and tricks to get there. Kodi can have the other 20 percent geeks and tweakers” – MrMC


MrMC Screen Shot

So what do you think of a “lite” version of Kodi on ATV4?

Check out MrMC’s site here.

Source: Official Kodi site