MrMC – Kodi Fork Now Available on tvOS App Store for Apple TV 4

MrMC brings Kodi to the Apple TV 4

MrMC the Kodi fork for TVos is here! This is a basic and simple version of Kodi/XBMC for tvOS or the Apple TV 4. As of my testing there is no direct way to add popular add-ons like Genesis, Phoenix or SportsDevil but this is the first release *fingers crossed*. The program isn’t free it’s $5.99 USD ($6.99 CAD) and can be downloaded right from the TVos App Store. Despite the limitations I still suggest you download it. MrMC no doubt put time and effort into creating this version of Kodi we should all encourage and applaud this type of development. As it could be a gateway for a full blown version of Kodi being installed on the ATV4 with or without a jailbreak.

Check out the video!

Check out MrMC’s site here.

Source: MrMC Forums