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Apple TV 4K Review

Apple TV 4K Review and Comparisions

An In-dept Review of the Newly Released Apple TV 4K

With the Apple TV 4K now in stores (starting at $179 US/$229 CAN) some great reviews are now coming in including one from the Engadget team. They made a quick 7 minute video going into the Apple TV 4K pros and cons they even took the time to compare the current Apple TV to the past Apple TV 4.

You may want to check out the FAQ for a quick answer to all your Apple TV 4K questions.

Source: Engadget

Apple TV 4th Generation Teardown

The team at got their hands on the new ATV4 and decided to open it up and break it down to a 1000 pieces. This way they can gauge the “repairability” of the device. Well the new Apple device passed with flying colors – Repairability: 8 out of 10 (10 is easiest to repair).

Watch the operation here.

Source: iFixit

Apple TV 4 In-Depth Unboxing Feature Overview Video

Check out the extremely detailed and in-depth video at

Side note: It was also revealed that the ATV 4 will support Bluetooth headphone, speakers and keyboards. Unlike the Apple TV 3 which just supports Bluetooth keyboards. Check out the video below.