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Kodi 19 Welcomes tvOS Axes iOS 32bit Version

iOS 32-bit devices will no longer be supported from Kodi 19 onwards.

With the anticipated release of Kodi 19, tvOS will be added and supported as an official platform. It will be fully featured, supporting top-shelf and the Siri remote, with support for both the Apple 4 and 4K. Similar to iOS, it will require jailbreaking or side loading.

The following will be the oldest supported devices as of Kodi 19
  • iPhone 5s
  • iPad Air
  • iPad mini 2
  • iPod touch – 6th gen.

Devices older than the ones above (older iOS 32-bit devices) will continue to benefit from Kodi 18 and lower indefinitely.


38 Tips and Shortcuts Every ATV4 User Should Know

The most important tips and tricks all ATV4 users should know.

There are over 30 great tips and trick to help simplify the navigation and usability of the ATV4 right now. Like double clicking the home button to see apps running in the background and close them (like your iPhone) or creating folders to declutter your home page. These will definitely make your life easier check out the article below.

Source: Macworld

TVOS 10 Is Here With Tons of New Features

These are some of the best new features that TVOS 10 brings to the Apple TV 4

TVOS 10 introduces a bunch of great features and improvements to the Apple TV.

Siri, Apple Music, Photos and a brand new Dark More are some of the newest enhancements.

Check out the article from MacWorld UK detailing all the changes within TVOS 10.

Source: MacWorld

Siri Remote

Apple TV Remote App Now Available

The free Apple TV app is now available via the App Store.

The Apple TV remote app, a must own for all Apple TV users that own an iPhone/iPad owners (of course). The remote app is especially useful since the tiny Siri Remote is so easily misplaced or lost in your couch. Having the app on your iPhone or iPad could be a lifesaver unless you lose your iPhone or iPad in the couch too…

Source: Apple TV Remote Page

Did You Know? – ATV4 Tips and Tricks

“Quickly tips the corners of the ATV4 remote to rewind and fast-forward”

5 of the 17 of the best tips can be found below. They give you some really cool “you didn’t know” ATV4 tips and tricks to get the most of your ATV4

  1. Swipe down on the ATV4 remote while watching video to open the additional options menu.
  2. Just like an iPhone, you can double click on the Home button to open up the multi-tasking screen.
  3. If you say a famous movie quote, Siri can pull up the movie it came from. “Show me the MONEY!!!
  4. Reset the ATV4 from the remote by clicking down, menu and home at the same time.
  5. ATV4 is compatible with your older ATV (generation 1, 2 and 3) remotes and plugs.

See the full list of ATV4 tips and tricks here.

Source: Business Insider

Siri Remote

Caring for Your Siri Remote (ATV4 Remote Guide)

“They don’t build them like they used to”

With newer technology comes all sorts of newer lighter materials. Take the new Apple TV Siri Remote. You can talk to it, you can use the touch interface at the top of the remote but unfortunately it’s fragile. The main surface is made of glass, combined with the slick metal back cover and the high price for replacement, creates the perfect situation for some very expensive mistakes. Compared to the virtually indestructible 2nd and 3rd generation metal remotes, the 4th generation Apple TV remotes simply aren’t as durable. Even the plastic 1st generation remotes have a bit of a leg up. Based on feedback you could carpet your house or wrap your hand in bubble wrap while using the remote but an easier more logical solution a resistant silicone case. Reminds us of the issues that Nintendo had with the Wii and all those broken TV screens…Good times…

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