Did You Know? – ATV4 Tips and Tricks

“Quickly tips the corners of the ATV4 remote to rewind and fast-forward”

5 of the 17 of the best tips can be found below. They give you some really cool “you didn’t know” ATV4 tips and tricks to get the most of your ATV4

  1. Swipe down on the ATV4 remote while watching video to open the additional options menu.
  2. Just like an iPhone, you can double click on the Home button to open up the multi-tasking screen.
  3. If you say a famous movie quote, Siri can pull up the movie it came from. “Show me the MONEY!!!
  4. Reset the ATV4 from the remote by clicking down, menu and home at the same time.
  5. ATV4 is compatible with your older ATV (generation 1, 2 and 3) remotes and plugs.

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Source: Business Insider