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The Next Apple TV – Rumours and Requests

The Next Apple TV – Rumours and Requests

With the Apple TV 4K launch behind us, we can now start the rumour mill for the next Apple TV. The 6th generation of Apple TV maybe months or years down the line but that will not stop some early speculations and rumours. Generally you get a new Apple TV every 2 to 3 years so that would place us around 2019/2020.


Amazon Prime Video Finally Launches on Apple TV With a Problem

The much anticipated Amazon Prime app launched on Apple TV December 6th

Although way past the rumored October 26th date  Apple TV users are ecstatic to finally be able to use Amazon Prime video without limitations or workarounds. Unfortunately Forbes and users are reporting sound issues.


Amazon Prime Video on Apple TV 4K: Potential November Release?

The rumoured release date for Amazon’s Prime Video appears to be delayed

October 26, was the approximate release date for the Amazon Prime Video app. Although Amazon has confirmed the app was under development and coming “This year”. A Reddit rumour gave it a move precise date (October 26th at the earliest). Apple TV users would welcome the Amazon Prime Video app with open arms due to their massive 4K library when compared to Netflix and Hulu.

Apple TV users will have to patiently wait a more solid release date but stay tuned we will keep you posted.

The Amazon Prime Video app question has been added to our FAQ.

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Apple TV 4K FAQ

A quick FAQ for everything you need to know about the anticipated Apple TV 4K.

Tech site iMore released a very helpful FAQ for all your must need, gotta know questions about the newly announced 5th generation Apple TV: The Apple TV 4K.

Here are some of the more important answers to the FAQs

When can I order it and when can I get my hands on it?

  • Apple TV 4K goes on pre-sale September 15 and ships on September 22.

What’s it going to cost?

  • 32GB Apple TV 4K: $179 ($229 CAN)
  • 64GB Apple TV 4K: $199 ($249 CAN)
  • 32GB Apple TV: $149 ($199 CAN)
    • Note: They have discontinued the 64GB Apple TV 4 (It is still available as a refurbished device)

Apple TV Pricing

5th Generation Apple TV Announced: Introducing Apple TV 4K

Apple TV 4 + 4K : Introducing the Apple TV 4K

During Apple’s 9.15 Keynote, where the company announced the highly anticipated devices such as iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X (which probably means there will be no iPhone 9 *shrugs*) and Apple Watch 3. The 5th generation of the Apple TV was announced with notable (and much needed) 4K and 4K HDR upgrade. With Android TVs, Amazon TV, Roku and many other set top boxes getting a 4K make over years ago this was a crucial upgrade the Apple TV family needed. Apple seems to be putting much weight behind the 4K movement with “A tremendous selection of 4K HDR titles”

It now features an A10X Fusion processor (currently featured in the iPad Pro) and 3GB of RAM. The new Apple TV will feature 2 versions: a 32GB version ($179 US/$229 CAN) and 64GB ($199 US/$249 CAN). You can pre-order the device on 15/09/17 prior to it’s 22/09/17 release date.

You may want to check out the FAQ for a quick answer to all your Apple TV 4K questions.

Source: Apple

VUDU Coming Soon to Apple TV 4

The new and popular streaming app service VUDU is in development for the Apple TV 4 and will soon be available. The app offers free (with ads) and paid movies and TV shows.

The launch date has not been revealed yet.

For more info check out MacRumors.

Source: MacRumors