Concept Apple TV By Martin Hajek

The Next Apple TV – Rumours and Requests

The Next Apple TV – Rumours and Requests

With the Apple TV 4K launch behind us, we can now start the rumour mill for the next Apple TV. The 6th generation of Apple TV maybe months or years down the line but that will not stop some early speculations and rumours. Generally you get a new Apple TV every 2 to 3 years so that would place us around 2019/2020.

  • Apple TV (first gen): Jan 2007
  • Apple TV (second gen): Sep 2010
  • Apple TV (third gen): Mar 2012
  • Apple TV (fourth gen): Oct 2015
  • Apple TV (fifth gen, 4K): Sep 2017

MacWorld has made some really good suggestions (bigger hard drive, Airpod support, ect) but personally I would like to see the software open up, as sideloading and the 7 days block limit it’s potential. ( I know wishful thinking.)

Source: MacWorld, Martin Hajek – Concept Apple TV