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Apple TV Plus launched Nov. 1, offering a yearlong free trial to people who purchased Apple gadgets. 

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Apple TV Plus is Apple‘s subscription video streaming service featuring original TV shows and movies. It costs $5 a month, but many people can unlock it free for as long as a year — and the first wave of people who signed up for that promotion are getting their trial periods extended three months. With the first expirations of those free trials approaching on Nov. 1, Apple’s emailed free-trial subscribers that their free Apple TV Plus subscriptions have been extended until Feb. 1. 

“We’re giving you extra time to discover the latest Apple Originals and catch up on shows returning for a second season,” Apple TV Plus said in emails to trial members. “You don’t have to do anything — just keep watching for free until February 2021. 

Apple is extending the free trials of its earliest subscribers until Feb. 1.

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With a reported budget of $6 billion to rope in some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, Apple TV Plus was the first to the battle lines in the so-called streaming wars, a period of months when media giants and tech titans released a raft of new streaming services to take on Netflix. These battles — pitting rookies like Apple TV Plus, HBO MaxDisney Plus and NBCUniversal’s Peacock against heavyweights like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video — have spurred huge corporations to pour billions of dollars into their ambition to shape the future of television. 

Of its originals, Apple TV Plus seemed to stake the most on The Morning Show, its marquee drama starring Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston, with an eye-popping $300 million reported budget. Apple TV Plus launched with just nine total programs, but since then it has expanded to more than 40 shows and movies. 

Some of the most popular additions include Defending Jacob, a thriller miniseries starring Chris Evans about a family dealing with the accusation that their 14-year-old son is a murderer; Ted Lasso, a fish-out-of-water workplace comedy about a college football coach from Kansas hired to coach Premier League soccer in England, based on a character spun off of an NBC Sports ad campaign (really); The Banker, a movie about African American entrepreneurs who take on racist real estate practices in the 1960s, starring Anthony Mackie and Samuel L. Jackson; Mythic Quest, a comedy series about a dysfunctional video-game studio; and Little America, an anthology series telling stories of immigrants in America.

But unlike rivals Netflix and Disney Plus, Apple TV Plus doesn’t have a big back catalog of things to watch. It focused on new, original content, even if that meant having much less programming for subscribers to choose from versus competitors. But Apple switched…
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